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The Wear On Wheels Story

Meet the Founder

Maryana Chervets is a fashion entrepreneur and stylist with a passion for empowering women through fashion. Born to an immigrant family, Maryana grew up watching her grandmother and mother sew their own clothes, which sparked her love for fashion at an early age. She studied sociology with an emphasis in Pan African studies at LMU and graduated from CSUN. Maryana's fashion career began at Bloomingdales, where she did visual merchandising and eventually moved into personal and celebrity styling. After spending years in retail, she became a buyer in a joint venture for a fashion boutique. In 2014, Maryana founded Wear On Wheels, a mobile fashion boutique that has since expanded to three physical locations and an online shop.


Wear On Wheels offers a range of services including image consulting, styling, fashion education, pop-up shops, and event planning. Maryana's goal is to help women of all shapes, sizes, and skin colors feel confident and beautiful through fashion. Wear On Wheels aims to find the beauty in every woman and help her inner beauty shine through her personal style.

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